My Time At The Brisbane Roar

6/2016 – 9/2016

Brisbane Roar Football Club Pty Ltd                             

Position: Managing Director


I led a bid to buy Brisbane Roar FC which required taking over full management control of the Club during the approval process from the Football Federation Australia. I resigned on 15 August, 2016 due to owners breaching the conditions of the Sale terms (failure to provide agreed funding during the transition period)

Duties / Achievements:

  • Completed Gap Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement sessions and reports
  • Restructured the Club. Involved putting in place new organisational charts with new reporting lines and delegated authorities.
  • Identified and put in place recruitment for 12 new roles across the Club.
  • Put in place a short term vision statement, values statement and strategic plan
  • Completed the 2017-18 Marketing plan
  • Launched the 2017-2018 Membership drive
  • Negotiated with creditors of the Club (including the ATO)
  • Engaged with the Football Federation Australia to address and overcome a number of breaches by the Club of the Clubs Participation agreement for participation in the Hyundai A League
  • Completed the requirements needed to register the Club into the Asian Champions League.
  • Resolved a number of disputes between the Club and FIFA, PFA, players and their representatives

Media Coverage:

A Major problem at Brisbane Roar FC over many years has been the constant leaks to the Media and the use of the Media by individuals within the Club for their own agenda’s. In the best interests of the Club I have kept most of the Brisbane Roar “Dirty Laundry” out of the Media. Due to a number of bad, factually incorrect and potentially defamatory articles in the media I have been suggested people view the following articles for a more balanced level of reporting of my time at The Roar.

Daniel Cobb
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