Brisbane Roar Fan Engagement Research Program by Daniel Cobb

Daniel Cobb served as managing director of A-League club Brisbane Roar for a brief and tumultuous two-month period.


During his short time in the role one of his main objectives was to reach out to the clubs loyal supporter base. He wanted to hear the perspective of how the club was being managed from those most passionate about the Roar’s success.


To begin this process Daniel commissioned a four week fan engagement research program which conducted in-depth interviews with respected key members of the Brisbane Roars online fan community.


The results of this research program were extremely damning.


Despite the level of on field success Brisbane Roar has seen recently, the research program found the fan base to be disengaged with the club as an entity.


The core group of fans interviewed expressed emotions ranging from extreme anger to frustration and fatigue with how the football club had been managed for so long. They felt it hard to identify with a singular club culture as they felt disrespected, ignored and left out of the dialogue when it came to important decisions on the Roar’s identity.


Many of those interviewees described their connection with the club as an ‘abusive relationship’, where periods of positivity are inevitably followed by harsh crashes to reality. While the club has remained one of the most successful teams in the League on the field, there has been no ability to convert that success into a sense of positive culture and identity.


 The engagement research shows that this core group of fans are fundamentally fed up with promises of hope and change as they have learnt that disappointment inevitably follows. They desire new blood in an ownership position but above all else they want to see someone take charge who speaks in actions and not words.


Daniel believes that rectifying the sentiment of deep mistrust is integral to re-establishing the Brisbane Roar as the proud football club it should be. The players of the club are champions of the game – both they and the true supporters of the club deserve more that what the current back-of-house leadership has provided.

Daniel Cobb
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